About Leela + Organic Flora

I have loved flowers all my life. My grandmother had an amazing peony and rose garden that we’d water at sunset everyday. My parents named me after a flower so I believe it was my God given destiny to be a floral designer. 

After working many years for different floral companies I finally had the courage to start my own business. It wasn’t until I was serving in Haiti that I finally put my dream into a plan, and when I came back to San Diego put my plan into action. Since I love weddings I decided to mainly focus on them and stay clear of the daily flower shop busy life. Starting a business has been both challenging and rewarding in so many ways. It brings me so much joy to be a small part of one of the biggest and happiest days in peoples lives. 

I am newly married to the love of my life, who challenges, encourages and supports me everyday. He holds me accountable, he is patient, kind and loves everyone so hard. He loves me so much that he comes along and cleans up a wedding at 1am on a Saturday night.  (the struggle is real!) I love being married and my wedding was everything I’ve ever dreamt of and I wish I could relive it again in slow motion. 

I love getting to know my clients on a deeper love, hearing their love stories and celebrating them in a unique way. On of my favorite things is delivering the bridal bouquet to the bride the morning of. Her excitement for the day and tears of joy make the late nights and early morning market runs so worth it!

Creating a romantic presence filled with simple beauty and grace. I want every guest to feel the romance and love in the room, through the textures and beauty of all the natural blooms and candles around them. The atmosphere is so important and I believe that the florals and decor play a huge part. I will take all of your ideas, visions and pinterest boards and create a timeless, romantic unforgettable night.

I am so grateful to have the most amazing designers besides me. Teamwork makes the dreamwork! We believe is integrity, excellence, quality and impeccable service. We love coffee + chocolates and all the beautiful beaches + hikes in San Diego!


our style + aesthetic :  refined garden romantic with timeless natural light elements


Booking : We require a deposit to hold your date. Three to four weeks before the big day we'll meet again to finalize everything. 

Day of : We drop off all personal florals early for photos, take care of all your day of styling + ceremony and reception set up. Return to clean up after the party. 

Investment : Pricing varies depending on blooms, season,  quantity and style + design. Our full wedding design + styling bride typically spends $3,000+.  À la carte floral menu available for smaller weddings, personals only and events.   


Pricing : email us at info@organicflora.com for our 2017 wedding price list.


Florals leftover from the wedding are donated to a senior center where they continue to spread love + joy. 

We love to repurpose everything! We give many options on reusing ceremony flora's for reception, cocktail hour and day after family brunch.
After your event we offer to pick up the floras and deliver them free of charge to local retirement and hospice homes. #spreadlove. 

85% of all our products are grown in California. 

A portion of all our sales are donated to Haiti, local refugees and those who still live in the area. 

*We love our troops and offer military discounts.