our story    

I have loved flowers all my life. My grandmother had an amazing peony and rose garden that we’d water at sunset everyday. My parents named me after a flower so I believe it was my God given destiny to create beauty with florals. 

After working many years for different floral companies, I finally had the courage to start my own business. It wasn’t until I was living in Haiti that I finally put my dream into a plan, and when I came back to San Diego put my plan into action. Starting a business has been both challenging and rewarding in so many ways. My first year I only had 5 weddings, it was rough. I was bummed and discouraged but my I kept creating and giving it my all to each wedding. My second year I had over 50 and have sold out each year since then. It took a lot of hard work, passion, discipline and perseverance. It's been a dream to see everything come together and I am so, so grateful for my incredible team and all the wonderful couples who chose us to create magic for their wedding day. 

We create a timeless aesthetic and design using blooms and all things flora. The atmosphere is so important and I believe that the florals create and completely transform a space. Our goal is to awaken feelings, emotions and love right when they enter the space. The OMG faces make our hearts skip a beat. We under promise and over deliver, always. 



Q + A 

What's your favorite thing to create? 

I love installations! From hanging flower walls to floating arches I want to dream it up with you and make a piece that will be remember forever and spark a feeling when people enter the space.  


Three things that make your heart smile?  

1.  I love my husbands laugh. His real, unfiltered, almost crying contagious kind of laugh. 

2. Being generous. There's something about buying a random couple their dinner or the car behind you their coffee that makes my day. Making a complete stranger smile is good for the soul. I don't know how to explain it but you should try it:) 

3. Hosting. I love having all of my favorite people together around a table eating great food and drinking a nice glass of red. My parents were always so generous with their time and home having all sorts of people over all the time. I am one of eight (yes, I have 4 sisters and 3 brothers) and I love all the noise and laughter that happens when people gather around and break bread. 

If you could go anywhere tomorrow where would you go and who would you take?

My husband of course! I love Europe, Prague is one of my favorites. Our next trip will be Italy, we've never been and we love Italian food!


Where do you get your inspiration from?

Nature, dreams and humans. I love the outdoors. I pin random locations in my maps that have beautiful trees and foliage that I can later come back and clip from for my clients. My father in law has a video of me foraging the morning of my wedding for an installation I dreamt of the night before haha. 

What are you dreams and goals for the future?

Ugh, this one is so hard. I am such a dreamer. My husband chuckles when I randomly drift away in a daydream. I would love to have a healthy happy family, a few modern venue(s), an Organic Flora studio in Northern California, a beach house in Maui, write a book, and teach + inspire creatives in the wedding industry and much much more.


hat advice can you give your brides?





 Trust the process and have fun! You only get married once so choose joy and don't sweat the small stuff. My goal is for you to feel love and your vision come to lifr when you walk into your wedding. I want your heart to love every single detail, bloom and install. I promise you won't regret it! 



our style + aesthetic :  refined | modern | garden romantic | timeless | natural elements


EVENT DESIGN + STYLING  : We bring your story to life. We go beyond the florals and help you bring all your ideas together into a cohesive design. Together we will go through every single detail of your event from color palettes, furniture and tabletop rentals, linens, stationery design, ribbons, lighting, textures of florals and everything in between to make sure your aesthetics are timeless and tell your unique story. Included with our styling services you have access to all of our design elements and rentals at no extra charge.

FLORAL DESIGN  : We design your entire event, from ceremony to reception we create a custom design that reflects who you are and what you'd like your guests to feel when they walk into your wedding. We believe in timeless vs trendy. Sourcing only the best local and imported products from Holland, Japan and Italy we insure that you're getting only the prettiest blooms for your special day. .Depending on what season, size and location of your event we will meet in person and create a sample of what you'll be seeing the day of and making sure that you're madly in love with every little detail, branch and bloom. We make sure the colors and design go well in your venue and the ceremony blooms can be effortlessly transferred to the reception area.. We want to create an unforgettable space that tells your story using all things flora. 

INVESTMENT : Pricing varies depending on blooms, season,  quantity, style + design. Our full wedding design, styling and floral clients typically spends $7,500+. À la carte floral menu available for smaller weddings, personals only and events. Contact us for more pricing information. 



Florals leftover from the wedding are donated to a senior center where they continue to spread love + joy. 

85% of all our products are grown in California. 

we love our troops and offer special military + service pricing.